Christian Counseling Services (CCS) provides mental health therapy from a Christian perspective. Individuals are welcome to incorporate the spiritual aspect of their lives into the counseling process.

This can include:

  •     Clarification of Christian values
  •     Scripture interpretation
  •     Discernment of the Holy Spirit
  •     Prayer

Christian Counseling Services helps individuals, couples, and families gain insight, strategies and strength for the purpose of structuring their lives in a more healthy and rewarding manner.

CCS aims to aid adolescents and adults desiring:

  •     Healing and harmony in relationships
  •     Strategies, accountability, and strength to overcome addictive behaviors
  •     Insight and liberation from internal conflict
  •     Prioritization of life's choices and responsibilities
  •     Guidance in improving communication skills
  •     Effective management of repressed feelings
  •     Improved sense of self-worth